WB1500 Dry-erase Ink


Our latest generation dry erase ink sets new standards for advances in whiteboard ink technology. Specially developed to offer super-fast erasure and enhanced marker stability (nib-up / nib-down storage), WB1500 series can be considered the new benchmark for the industry.

We have listened to feedback from our customers to ensure that our WB1500 series addresses all major performance concerns. WB1500 exceeds our previous formulations and knocks spots off the competition.


  • Up to 3 times faster drying time* than our leading competitors, WB1500 series can be erased quickly and cleanly from the board
  • The versatility of WB1500 series means no colour shade changes in a wide range of marker components – even when stored in the nib-up or nib-down position*
  • Up to 72 hours cap-off time with full recovery of writing when the cap is replaced*

*component dependent

Colour Range

WB1573 Black

WB1574 Blue

WB1567 Red

WB1535 Green

WB1566 Cyan

WB1572 Red

WB1579 Red

WB1569 Yellow

WB1568 Orange

WB1570 Green

WB1575 Pink

WB1576 Purple

WB1577 Brown

WB1578 Lemon Grass